Follow the instructions as J said and you won't go far wrong, *but* be aware
that if you have any external methods these are not exactly subject to the

The problem happens when you restart Zope and the new code is read into both
the versioned and original 'External Method'.


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> At 12:43 PM +0000 1/8/2001, Andy Gates wrote:
> >Hi folks,
> >'Tis time, think I, to use versioning: keep the live site running and
> >work on a version with all changes, let the droids assess it, and then
> >roll it live in one chunk.
> Congrats on getting a Zope site up and running (and working with
> marketing at all).
> Version is very simple. On the top root level add a version from the
> drop down and give it a name. I usually give it a capital name or
> start it with a number so it will float to the top of the list. Then
> go into it (click on it) and click on the "Start working in XXXX"
> button. This will put you into the version and anything you do will
> not be seen by anyone outside of the version. You can browse your
> sites, see the updates etc. When you are done with the changes and
> everything works just go back into the version, Leave it and click on
> the "save/discard" tab. At this point if you save your changes they
> go live, if you discard they are lost. If you drop a note in there
> you will see it in your undo log.
> Some notes:
> - You can have more than one version going but they cannot be working
> on the same item
> - A lot of people can join a version to work in it or view it
> - Try to make the name of your version match what you are doing and
> don't let changes sit in it too long or you will forget what you did
> Enjoy,
> J
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