Hi Jamey,

   Sorry.. you're right. I haven't used 0.1.x in quite a while.

Have you tried just using the administrative interface 
to add a MarketItem in the marketItems folder? 


>>>>> "James" == James Sintz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    James> Do I need to have ZPatterns installed to use Emarket
    James> 0.1.04b1? I thought Zpatterns was only needed for EMarket
    James> 0.2.

    James> Jamey

    James> -----Original Message----- From: Steve Spicklemire To:
    James> Sent: 1/8/2001 4:25 PM Subject: [Zope] Re: EMarket 0.1.04b1

    James> Sorry.. it's my fault for not providing better docs.. sadly
    James> it's not been something I've had time for... esp since all
    James> the ZPatterns changes were added.

    James> 1) Create ZClasses for your MarketItems, Baskets,
    James> BasketItems and Shoppers (be sure to subclass from
    James> ZPatterns:DataSkin)

    James> 2) In the Racks for each of these Specialists set the
    James> storage to the appropriate ZClass.

    James> 3) There is a very simple marketItem management interface
    James> in the marketItems specialist that you should modify to
    James> suit your taste.  It should be enough to get you going.

    James> When I get some time... dunno when... I'll try to make a
    James> more complete example for folks.

    James> -steve
>>>>> "James" == James Sintz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    James> Perhaps I'm missing something fundamental, but I can't seem
    James> to figure out how to add products to EMarket 0.1.04b1
    James> running on Zope 2.2.2

    James> Everything installed just fine and I can add an EMarket
    James> object, but I don't see where, or how I go about adding
    James> things to sell. I don't care about the auction features, I
    James> just want to sell a handful of products on my site.

    James> When I go to the MarketItems folder, and try submitting an
    James> item using the ShopperMarketItemAddForm it returns a screen
    James> saying "You must be validated for submission first...". I
    James> am logged in as a manager. If I log out and then register a
    James> new user and then try I'm told I don't have permission to
    James> add a new MarketItem. What gives?  The read me doesn't
    James> provide much insight on what I am doing wrong. Are there
    James> zClasses I need to add or templates I need to create before
    James> the thing will work?  Thanks!!  Jamey

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