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>The cost thrown up in the air was in the order of $AUS20,000 for a 
>3 year rental, per site!!!! (At the moment that is about $US35,000)
>When you start talking dozens of sites you quickly start looking
>for alternatives!

Zope can easily do most all of the things you mention in zClasses. The most
difficult items you are requesting though is calendaring and discussion.
Currently there are no real good products available so I guess you will have
to roll your own in a Python Product, and that can be a bit difficult to

The rest sounds like a 2-4 weeks job. maybe 4-6 weeks if depending on how
newbie you are :-)

For me the biggest bonus about Zope vs. closed system is not the $ savings
but the gained flexibility and freedom. It might take a little longer to set
up your own system in zope, but You will know it by heart afterwards and can
easily change the sites.

Regards Max M

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