Hi everyone,

I'm working on a Web page for our local school board. I'd like to create a
table that would display links to past board meeting minutes. The table
would look like this:     (Note: dates are bogus)

| Meeting Minutes                       |
|                                       |
| Monday, Jan. 10      Monday, Mar. 7   |
| Tuesday, Jan. 24     Monday, Mar. 20  |
| Monday, Feb. 7       Monday, Apr. 5   |
| Monday, Feb. 27      Tues., Apr. 19   |
|                                       |
|                    1999 | 2000 | 2001 |

By default, dates for the current year would be displayed, but clicking on
the years at the bottom of the table would display those dates.

Right now, I've got the dates stored in a TinyTable. I can iterate through
that list and generate the links, but I can't figure out how to display the
table in two columns.

<dtml-in meetingDateTable>
 <tr><td><dtml-var meeting_date></td></tr>

will print the dates in a single column, but how can I iterate through and
refer to two different dates in one <dtml-in> pass? (Does that make sense?)

The second thing I'm tring to figure out is how to make the year links at
the bottom generate the new table of dates from a different TinyTable. Maybe
I should use the same TinyTable for all of the meeting dates and pull out
whichever year I need when the table is rendered.

I'm also wondering if I should implement these meeting minutes and agendas
in a ZClass. At first it seemed like this would be too simple to bother
with, but now I'm wondering if a ZClass would be a better approach. I'd
appreciate any comments.


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