On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, Dennis Nichols wrote:

> Or, if you insist that dates flow down the columns like I do, you could use 
> this untested revision of Max's solution:
> <table width=100% border=0 cellpadding=4>
>    <tr align=left valign=top>
>      <td width=50%>
>        <dtml-in meetingDateTable>
>          <dtml-if "_.int(_['sequence-index'])*2==_.int(_['count-id']) or
>                    _.int(_['sequence-index'])*2==_.int(_['count-id'])+1">
>            </td><td width=50%> <!-- moved to next column -->
>          </dtml-if>
>          <dtml-var meeting_date><br>
>        </dtml-in>
>      </td>
>    </tr>
> </table>

This doesn't seem to work. The if statement only evaluates to true the first
time through the loop. I agree that the dates must flow down, so don't I
need to have some way to do the following:

<dtml-in meetingDateTable>
 <td><dtml-var meeting_date></td>
 <td><dtml-var meeting_date[some later index]></td>

It's the [some later index] part that would seem to be the
bugger. Doable? Perhaps this would be a perfect application for a


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