> documentation, I couldn't find any about the Zope internals. Does anybody
> know where to look for such documentation?

a) The code itself is quite well-documented ;-)
b) There are documents on zope.org on how the ZODB works and on programming
    Database Adapters; I guess there is even more, but well-hidden ;-)
c) Always try the zdp.zope.org (Zope Documentation Project) site for more

> script. I'd like to avoid that, because with our zillion images this would
> bloat the database pretty much.

> in the dtml. If I understand it right, the product "Local File System"
> would be a possibility to do that. Is it the right way to go, or does
> anybody have a better / other solution?

There is a product called ExtFile/ExtImage that does exactly what you need. 
But you could also build your own solution very easily, e.g. using Apache 
(or the new Tux webserver for extra performance ...) to serve the images and 
just manage the upload via Zope/LocalFS.

> BTW: I read about dropping external python modules in some future version
> of Zope. For us, the main point with Zope is, that you can build a web
> front end for a bunch of python modules we have. Thus, from our point of
> view, the dtml-binding possibility to python modules is essential.

There is a tendency towards making more stuff available over the web (e.g. 
"replacing" External Methods by web-manageable "python scripts". This might 
make External (Python) Methods more or less unnecessary (BTW: Most of them 
could just be uploaded to Zope/the ZODB). But the full-fledged Python 
Products (or modules) you put into the Products folder will definitely not go 
away soon. That's how most of the major Zope applications are developed.



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