PrincipiaSearchSource  will  have  to be a PythonMethod or an External

dtml won't be called by Catalog... Anything Python will work.

so instead of :  <dtml-return "var1 + var2 +var3"> , you have to use :
return var1 + var2 + var3

Geir Bækholt

on Sunday, January 14, 2001 Max M wrote :
MM> I have made a dtml method called "PrincipiaSearchSource" in a bunch of
MM> zClasses so that my Catalog will index severeal parameters in the zClass,
MM> but nothing happens.

MM> As far as I can see PrincipiaSearchSource is a default value that is indexed
MM> in catalog. Have I misunderstood that?

MM> The title gets indexed ok when i update my classes but not the content
MM> delivered via the PrincipiaSearchSource method. Does anybody have an idea?

MM> I have tried to return via PrincipiaSearchSource in 2 different ways (None
MM> of which works):

MM> #1 ---------------
MM> <dtml-return "var1 + var2 +var3">

MM> #2 ---------------
MM> <dtml-var var1> <dtml-var var2> <dtml-var var2>

MM> regards Max M

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