I think probably Javascript is the 'cleanest' solution in this case,
but depending on the complexity of your UI another non-JS approach is
to make every link target the topmost frome (e.g., target="_top") and
redraw all frames in the frameset on each 'click'. This way you know
that all frames reflect the latest situation, but it can be annoying
to see the whole browser redraw every time you do anything. However, 
if your browser doesn't *do* Javascript.... (so long as it does do
frames.... hmm.. how likely is that?) then it would at least work.... 


>>>>> "Martijn" == Martijn Pieters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Martijn> On Sun, Jan 14, 2001 at 11:16:44PM -0800, Dirksen wrote:
    >> First of all, I don't think you can achieve that with
    >> javascript. As far as I know, neither IE nor Netscape allows
    >> javascript to access DOM objects of other frame page for
    >> security reasons.

    Martijn> This restriction only applies when the two frames come
    Martijn> from different domains. Alll URLs from the same webserver
    Martijn> can access DOM trees in other frames from the same
    Martijn> server. This is how Zope updates the left-hand tree in
    Martijn> the management interface when you add a Folder, for
    Martijn> instance.

    Martijn> For an example of updating navigation buttons across
    Martijn> frames see http://www.tunix.nl/'. Ignore the Dutch, just
    Martijn> choose an option on the main page, then use the top and
    Martijn> left navigation buttons to go around a website.  Then use
    Martijn> your browser's back and forward buttons to see the left
    Martijn> and top menus follow the current page. Also, when
    Martijn> clicking on a link in the content pane, the navigation
    Martijn> menus will update. All JavaScript source comments are in
    Martijn> english, that's they way I worked.

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