I finally got it working. Here's what I did:

I uninstalled all of ZMySQLDA and MySQL-python (formerly MySQLdb - this
name change didn't help any although in the big picture it probably needed
to be done) deleting any trace of it. I then followed all the directions
starting from here: - This is the MySQL-python

I used the version of ZMySQLDA that Andy Dustman points to here (there's
more than one floating about and I may have latched onto a
MySQL-python-incompatible one at some point): - installing this is just of
matter of untarring in the correct Zope directory.

To install MySQL-python I followed the directions that Andy lays out in his
README.txt.  It required that I had to install the rpms mysql-devel and
python-devel which I tracked down at for my flavor of
Linux (RedHat) and MySQL (3.22.32). Once these were installed I was able to
build it exactly as Andy stipulates.

Being a Linux/Zope newbie this seemed daunting but it was more painless
that I originally anticipated.

With these installed I was then getting the error "_mysql module not found"
(or something like that). The python of Zope was not finding the modules I
just built from my main system python. I changed my Zope start-up script
appending the PYTHONPATH variable to include the path where the module
installed to. I added these lines:


BINGO everything then worked.

Hope that helps.

My hunch is that there is some version incompatibilities going on between
MySQL-python and ZMySQLDA that prevent MySQL query results from returning
to Zope.

BTW, thanks to everyone that responded to my emails for help. Even though
none of them was the exact answer I needed they all supplied some missing
critical piece of the puzzle. Opensource is a cool thing, but none of it
would amount to much without lists like this to help folks out.  Keep it


>Hello All,
>I have the exact same problem.  I am running slack 7.1 and I have
>installed all of the goodies (i.e. zope, python, mysql, etc.) from
>the source code.  After finally figuring out that my /etc/
>was not seeing the mysqlclient libraries i was able to compile
>MySQLdb-python modules and ZMySQLDA says that it is installed
>properly.  But I have the same issues with the SELECT queries
>returning no data (There was no data matching this test_sql query. )
>That is straight from Zope.  When I INSERT data to my columns in the
>table it works fine though.  I have verified this from the console.
>Please advise if there are any suggestions.  Thanks.
>Brian L Gautreau

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