On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Jim Washington wrote:

> What is the name of the propertysheet in your ZClass that these values
> are on?  Is it 'job_info'?


> Where is the editFormAction Python Script? It should be in your ZClass's
> /methods.  If you are instead acquiring it from a Folder somewhere, you
> will need to use 'context' instead of 'container' inside the Python
> Script.

I had them originally in the ZClass's /methods, but moved them out.

That brings up another good question that I haven't really seen
addressed. Hopefully others are still reading this thread. :-)

When is it proper to make your methods part of the ZClass itself and when
should I put them out in a folder somewhere to be acquired? I've seen it
done both ways in various products, but the difference between the two
approaches has never been completely clear to me.

Can anyone suggest a "rule-of-thumb" here?


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