> Zope 2.3 CVS
> I have a Python product that calls HTMLFile objects from within other
> HTMLFile objects. Suppose the first file is:
>     <dtml-var "page_html(this())">
> and the second file, page_html, is:
>     <dtml-var REQUEST>
>     &dtml-URL1;
> I get a KeyError on URL1. If this file is:
>     <dtml-var REQUEST>
>     <dtml-var "REQUEST.URL1">
> then it works fine. Any clues?

   Of course, the obvious problem was that I was calling the page_html
incorrectly. I remember years ago when I was using DTML under Bobo that I
ran into this exact same problem, and Jim Fulton pointed out the error of
my ways. Of course, it's all still black magic, and Jim's elsewhere, so I
hadda delve into the DocumentTemplate source to find the solution myself.
Four head-hurting hours later, the solution is:

    <dtml-var "page_html(REQUEST)">

   And all is made better.


Richard Jones
Senior Software Developer, Bizar Software (www.bizarsoftware.com.au)

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