Exactly how is it not working?

Without knowing that, I'll guess that you might be seeing the effects of the
default orphan setting of 3, which prevents there from being a "left over"
batch of less than 3.  So if you only have 4 objects, setting size=2 will
still cause all 4 to be returned.  To force it to return your size, set

<dtml-in "objectValues('Spam and Eggs')" size=2 orphan=0>


Ron Bickers
Logic Etc, Inc.

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> Hey everyone,
> I've got a method to display some text which uses
> <dtml-in "objectValues(['Spam and Eggs'])">
> to iterate through a bunch of "Spam and Eggs" ZClass instances. I thought
> that I could use size="2" in the <dtml-in> to display only the first two
> instances, but it's not working. I want to display only the first two and
> use a link at the bottom to direct people to see the rest on a separate
> page. Any ideas?

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