I've looked at Zope HowTo on getting a "neat filename" stripped when uploading one.  I also scoured the mailing lists on anything dealing with manage-addFile, but only succeeded in finding someone who encountered the same problem I have - no solution that works yet, though !  As far as the file_size limitation in uploading is concerned, I would be thankful to encounter that problem because then at least the damn file is trying to upload fully !  I am not even there yet ....
Here's the problem:
We have developed a product that, amongst other things, manages the client's Product Documentation.  He can add Manuals (Manual_ZClass with Object Manager Base Class and ZPatterns Specialist) and then upload associated files for the specific manual.  The file uploads but it is only a reference (path) to the file that loads - almost like a shortcut.  It seems as if the actual file does not upload.
form action does have enctype and post-method
I use a Python Method that looks like this:
FileID=file[_.max(_.string.rfind(file, '/'),
        _.string.rfind(file, '\\'),
        _.string.rfind(file, ':'),
self.manage_addFile(FileID, file)
parameters passed are: "self, file"
I'm a bit of a newbie - and stumped !  Any ideas would be appreciated.
Gustav Franzsen

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