I want to add a property to folders, documents and certain objects called
Can anyone offer some Zope advice how I might achieve the following:

1. Maintain an updated count of hits to those objects storing the number of
hits, or preferrably an some offfset processed version of that number in
'popularity'. The processed value could take into account when and where the
hits came from.

2. Search through folders and subfolders, checking objects 'popularity'
value, and then return ordered lists to display of most/least popular.
Preferably these lists would be Python dictionaries, and could be stored
externally using BerkeleyStorageDB or similar so as not to extend the ZODB
uneccesarily with small transaction data.

This is inspired in part by a cool interface idea at:

When a new text is read for the first time on the Rhizome website, it
appears on StarryNight as a dim star.

Each time a text gets read again-by any Internet user around the world-the
corresponding star gets a bit brighter. Over time, the page comes to
resemble a starry night sky, with bright stars corresponding to the most
popular texts in the database, and dim stars corresponding to less-popular

Dragging the mouse over one of the stars brings up a pop-up list of keywords
that the corresponding text shares with other texts. Select a keyword in the
pop-up list to draw a constellation linking all the stars that share that

I have other plans how to 'render' the popularity results, including as
boring but very useful XHMTL tables, using Zwiff [Zope Flash product based
on Ming. see http://www.zope.org/Members/sspickle/Zwiff/]


- Jason
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