Actually, I'm not a newbie, but that is the nicest greeting a "newbie" has
gotten on this list that I know of.  Thanks.

To see how IE looks at MIME types, look here:
>From the looks of it:

IE first looks at the
Content-Type: application/x-pdf (or whatever you are using)
header from the server.  If that is an unknown type and unambiguous, it
returns the data as whatever the server calls it.
If the type is known AND ambiguous (text/plain or application/octet-stream),
IE parses the data and guesses.  If it comes to no conclusion, then it looks
at the extension.

Try a 
<dtml-call expr="RESPONSE.setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/x-pdf')">
or whatever is appropriate for your application.

AFAIK NS looks only at the Content-Type: header, but I consider myself
ignorant in that area.


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Thanks. But I have done that before I posted the message. The thing is, 
changing Windows file type ("Classes") is not enough, because the IE would 
prompt you a question on whether you want to save the file or open it in 
place. I am asking the question because there are products out there that 
use the file-MIME-type trick to launch applications. That is, you click on a

mundane HTML link and you launch a local application, without IE asking you 
any question. Obviously something inside the IE (or registry) has been 
tweaked. Anyway, a bit too technical.

On the other issue of posting topics only related to Zope, I can tell you 
are a newbie. Welcome to Zope.


Hung Jung

>In W95/NT:
>   Open a File Explorer window (not IE) and select Options from the View
>   The popup will have a tab labeled File Types.  This is how you change
>windows MIME types.
>In W98/2k:
>   I don't remember and I don't have it with me.  It is a similar option
>under IE (since there is no normal explorer.
>The settings are stored in the registry, but this is the easiest way to 
>them.  Please try to keep the list topics to zope.
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>From: Hung Jung Lu [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
>Sent: Monday, January 15, 2001 5:18 PM
>Subject: [Zope] Adding content type to internet explorer
>Can someone tell me how to add content types (and the associated program) 
>internet explorer on Windows platform? Is it in the registry?
>Hung Jung

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