So, I'm about 72 hours into Zope, and totally loving it. I'm stuck on
something simple, and I was hoping I could get a little help.

Short question:
How do I get python to create a Zope page? I'm looking for some simple
source code that would walk me through that. I've looked through the online
documentation and, if it's there, it's pretty well hidden inside of other

Longer questions:
I'm trying to get python to suck in a bunch of XML pages and create Zope
pages out of them. I understand that there's a Zope / XML group, but it's
not clear to me if there's any useable code that's come out of that
initiative so far. (So, question 1: is that true?)

I'm trying to create a lightweight content manipulation system for the
company's site, and I'm thinking that what I want to do is: a) take the
existing site's content, b) format it into XML with python (thus discarding
its current format, and maintaining important metadata), c) get python to
create Zope pages, d) create an editing system using Zope, and e) publish
those pages out to static pages (and potentially other formats) on a regular
basis. As a general strategy, is this a good way to go? Are there pointers
out there that could help me with this quest?

Thanks in advance!

David Humphreys
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