Paul Browning wrote:
> Zope and Enhydra Comparison by Paul Gresham, CEO/CTO, MediaVisual


> The main
> reason behind using Enhydra on our most critical product to date, was
> that we knew we could do it with servlets, and that worst case, and
> given the structure of enhydra, we knew we could code our way out of any
> problems. Using Zope we knew that we would reach situations which may be
> unresolvable in the short term, and could not make significant business
> decisions with so many unknown factors and lack of any way to circumvent
> problems. The upshot is that our Zope projects were rather painful and
> Enhydra ones wore out our keyboards with so much code."

So, in summary. They didn't know Python, but did know that if
they wrote enough Java they could solve a problem? <s> 

> The second sentence is perhaps a candidate for
> Maybe a North American
> reader could confirm that "valorizes" means what I
> think it means ;-)

I suspect it is a mis-typed word for "vaporizes".

Otherwise you get to choose:

1.To establish and maintain the price of (a commodity) by
governmental action. 
2.To give or assign a value to: "The prophets valorized history"
(Mircea Eliade).  

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