//  What I'm not sure about is how to have Zope automatically
//  display the photo
//  for a day, then archive it. Would a boolean property of the
//  ZClass work? Is
//  it possible to have Zope set the property of a ZClass instance
//  at certain
//  time? Any thoughts on how this would be designed?
Hi Tim,
Here's some code I use with a simple NewsItem ZClass that only displays
objects that have not yet "Expired".  With a little modification, it could
be used to test a "DisplayDate" value and if it matches the current date,
the photo would be displayed.  That way you could load a bunch of photos
into your site at once and give them specific display dates.  If more than
one had the same date, they would both be shown.

"Expires" is a property of my NewsItem ZClass that is of type "date".
"Expires+1" just adds a day to the expiration date so that my news items are
displayed up to, and including, their expiration date.  The NewsItem ZClass
has a meta type of "News Item," which is used in the "in" statement.  "view"
is a method of the ZClass that simply formats the NewsItem for displaying in
the browser.

      <dtml-with News>
          <dtml-in expr="objectValues('News Item')" sort=id reverse>
            <dtml-if "ZopeTime().lessThanEqualTo((Expires+1))"><dtml-var

Hope it helps...

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