At 1/17/01 10:24 PM, Tres Seaver wrote:
> > "Jonothan Farr" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I also submitted it as
> > a patch to the distribution but it was refused. Something about a new 
> dtml-in
> > implementation that I haven't seen materialize in the last 5 versions 
> or so.
>The sentiment against "DTML-as-scripting-language" also makes
>introducing more control structures difficult to sell;  I don't
>buy that, myself, but have to listen to folks who do.

Some 8 months ago, I thought "break" was missing from <dtml-in> and wrote 
to this list. Within hours, clever solutions were suggested, the most 
impressive of which was Jonothan's patch mentioned above. I'm happy to see 
Tres saying that he doesn't buy the anti-DTML-scripting sentiment. To me, 
it makes little sense to create a language and then make it hard to 
use.  Even less so when refusing an offered change that is more of a 
correction than it is an extension. Now just don't get me started on 
"_['index-whatever']" :-)

Dennis Nichols

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