Hi Loren,

   There is also Zieve:


Not quite as easy as a 'fixed' <dtml-in ... > but it
does work (today). 


>>>>> "Loren" == Loren Stafford <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Loren> On 02 July 2000, Adam Karpierz, posted a patch that would
    Loren> allow an expression for the sort specification for the
    Loren> dtml-in tag. Did that patch, or something like it, ever
    Loren> find its way into the Zope core?

    Loren> I also seem to remember some discussion of sorting on
    Loren> multiple items (but can't find any trace of it in the
    Loren> archives). For example, in an employee directory, sort on
    Loren> employee name within department. Anyone know how?

    Loren> I'm trying to provide user-specified sorting on the records
    Loren> I pull from a SQL database. When the user specifies sorting
    Loren> on Department, I assume he wants the records order by Name
    Loren> within each department, but I can't see how to do that with
    Loren> ZSQL or dtml-in.

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