On Thursday 18 January 2001 21:23, Phil Harris wrote:
> Chris,
> It's worse, Mozilla 0.7 also has some issues, Mozilla 0.6 is probably the
> best so far.
> I use it as my main browser.
> You might also want to check out the Beonex Communicator (based on Mozilla,
> but with bug/security fixes) http://www.beonex.com.

I tried to find out some months ago which browser people preferred.  Since I 
worked out how to stop the worst memory leak in NS4.x (disable Java script) 
it has been usable, but I'd rather more... I want to learn CSS, but it's not 
possible with a browser that is so broken.

Mozilla?  Just as bad, and even more bloaty.
Netscape 6?  No better than Mozilla, really... but that's hardly a suprise.
Amaya?  Wish it handled frames...
HotJava? .................still waiting.......... there's my page!
Opera?  Almost... almost...
Konqeror?  Yes... does CSS, HTML (and isn't tollerant of broken HTML), just 
has a small problem with their Password handling.  It's RFC compliant, but 
not 'user' compliant. (o8

So... I'm still using NS4.75.. and actually thinking IE under Linux wouldn't 
be such a bad thing...

> Phil

Yours not-throwing-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater,
        Curtis Maloney

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