I've just run across something sort of odd...

Let's say I have a DTML Document 'x' in my site, and I am going to link to it with the 
following URL:


When Zope processes the URL, the query arguments arga and argb are stored in the 
REQUEST object, and I can refer to them in DTML like this:

        <dtml-var name="arga">

Now, let's say that I need to have the URL include a bookmark to a point deeper in the 
page.  The URL now becomes:


On RedHat, using Netscape 4.76, the query arguments get passed into the REQUEST object 

On Windows, using either IE 5.x or Netscape 6, the query arguments seem to disappear 
entirely.  The same behavior is also apparent using Opera 4.0b4 on RedHat.  Since the 
query arguments don't make it into the REQUEST object, the dtml-var line above results 
in a KeyError.  Although I could protect myself from the KeyError easily enough, what 
I really need is the values passed in the URL.

This is using Zope 2.2.4 running on RedHat Linux, BTW.

Does anyone have an idea why adding the bookmark is causing Zope to fail in parsing 
the URL?
Is there an alternative syntax for the URL that will both pass the arguments and goto 
the right point on the page?

Thanks, Mike.

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