I've got a few questions, which may be answered by saying, "Not
possible"! Any feedback would be appreciated.

get_testclass_details is a ZSQL method returning user data from a table.
I display the data (strangely enough) in an HTML table and I want
alternating rows to have different background colours.

I figure that the best way to do this is to obtain the resultset number
(i.e. is it the 1st, 2nd or 3rd result row) and do something like the

if (the result set number % 2 == 0)
     bgcolour is white
     bgcolour is grey

Is it possible to obtain the resultset number? 

Also, re: sendmail. I still haven't managed to figure out why it's not
posting messages to newsgroups. Maybe some folks at digicool could let
me know if this isn't supported?

Previous message was:

I have another question re: sendmail, which I'd be grateful if someone
could answer. Am I correct in saying that <sendmail> does not support
newsgroup postings? Adding the following to my message seems to work but

it is not being posted on the newsgroup...

    Groups: uk.local.glasgow *and* Newsroups: uk.local.glasgow

It sends the mail to me; the group is listed in the header file under
'Newsgroups' when I view *my* received message but it is not getting to
the newsgroup.

Can anyone comment?

Thanks very much for your time,

- Best regards,


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