Error Type: IndexError
Error Value: list index out of range

I am importing a text file via an external method. I did my
testing with a file that contained 18 records.
All went fine. Stepped up the testing to a file with 550 records.
The real thing will have over 30,000. Now it doesn't work. :-)
It's not a memory issue or anything that you would expect with an
increase i records. 

Anyway, here's the link to where I can the results. I also added
a method to display the dictionary contents (raw mode) for
testing. I don't see anything wrong with it.

I have a ZClass that I will be creating instances of, when I get
the code right. :-)

Here's the HTML method:
<dtml-var standard_html_header>

<table border="3" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="5"> 

...(table headers removed for bandwith's sake)

<dtml-let drugs="importmultum()">
<dtml-in "drugs.keys()">
    <dtml-if sequence-even>
      <tr bgcolor="#77ccbb">
      <tr bgcolor="#cc6600">
    <dtml-let dictkey=sequence-item>
          <td><dtml-var sequence-number></td>
          <td><dtml-var dictkey></td>
          <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][0]"></td>
          <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][1]"></td>
          <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][2]"></td>
          <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][3]"></td>
          <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][4]"></td>
          <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][5]"></td>
          <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][6]"></td>
          <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][7]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][8]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][9]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][10]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][11]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][12]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][13]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][14]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][15]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][16]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][17]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][18]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][19]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][20]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][21]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][22]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][23]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][24]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][25]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][26]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][27]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][28]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][29]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][30]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][31]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][32]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][33]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][34]"></td>
         <td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][35]"></td>

<dtml-var standard_html_footer>
The RAW dictionary dump method:

<dtml-var standard_html_header>

<dtml-let drugs="importmultum()">
<b>Number of items:</b> <dtml-var "_.len(drugs.keys())"><br>

<dtml-in "drugs.keys()">
    <dtml-let dictkey=sequence-item>
     <dtml-var sequence-number> &nbsp; <dtml-var sequence-item>
&nbsp;<b>Length:</b> <dtml-var "_.len(drugs[dictkey])">
&nbsp;<dtml-var "drugs[dictkey]"><br>
<dtml-var standard_html_footer>

I found that if I just include the first element of the list
(<td><dtml-var "drugs[dictkey][0]"></td>) the HTML table renders.
When I add the second list element is when it dies.

I have looked at the source file to see if there are any
incorrect (non-printables etc) didn't find any.

THanks for any help/suggestions,

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