Dear Mr Krosing,

Thank you VERY much for the information.

This application looks really neat, this is really going in the direction I 
want, and has indeed a lot of the features I am looking for.

This IS the application I want to start with. 

My estonian is really poor (not to say, I don't understand a word), but the 
English help is good enough.

I shall go on tomorrow morning, but for what I noticed, it matches a lot of 
our requirements.

I shall go on with some questions and statements, to knwo more about the 

Le Dimanche 21 Janvier 2001 13:28, Hannu Krosing a écrit :
> > I am looking for a workflow (WF) linked to a electronic document
> > management (EDM) system and a groupware email based (I have just happened
> > to come accross aethera from the Kompany) that would be free software and
> > preferably in Zope + Python. The WF+DEM system I am looking for need to
> > be usable with only a browser (to be independant from the client ... that
> > could be proprietary !), store its data into a postgresql database.
> You could check out Amphora which should do most of what you suggest.
> And it is based on Zope+Postgres.
> the main info page is at  (unfortunately in
> estonian only ;)
> but you can check out demo which is either in english or estonian
> (depending on
> your browser language settings) at
> password:demo and username:demo

I did. Working good. I appreciate the fact that it is certified.

> It is not completely opensource though but is available with development
> license.

Q1/ What is not open-source ?

Q2/ What could be done to have the system open-sourced ? (We are ready to pay 
for such a system)

Q3/ What is a developpement license ?

Q4/ Which parts are proprietary ? I would understand if the "special" clients 
related to (I quote)
"Special software exists for easy synchronisation with MS Outlook and MS 
Windows file system." and
"The special Windows client is built using Borland Delphi, uses PGP for 
encryption/decryption and integrates Mozilla toolkit for electronic 
signatures. " would be proprietary, provided their protocol be open and fully 
described." be proprietary.
We could pay for such licenses ... if the cost of the system is comparable to 
other similar systems.

Q5/ Would you be ready for a contract to improve and further develop the 
system, as well as provide a maintenance for 3 to 5 years ?

Q6/ I need to have a setup ready and if possible in English (and French and 
Dutch if possible but I have the translatros from English) within a week. 
Could this be possible ?

Q7/ How do I have to proceed to set the system up (I can have local help with 
Zope + Postgresql + python if I do not succeed personnally, but I need a 
"procedure") = do this and this to install and configure the system, as well 
as some fake data.

Q8/ What is your isntalled base ? (which are your clients) Are there any 
public institution your client (governments, large companies ...)

Q9/ What kind of company are you ? 
How many people ? 
Which specific competences ? 
What is you financial backing (please understand that I would need to go 
through a public market, for which I would need answers to these questions 
plus many other !)

Q10/ How many simultaneous client does the system stand ?

Q11/ What is a reasonable system (I mean hardware) to run the system on, 
knowing that we could have about 50 users to start with in about 2 to 3 
months, plus 200 users in about 6 months and about 500 in a year). We are 
ready to start with a small system and upgrade the hardware later on. 

Q12/ The system works with OUtlook. Does it also work with Outlook Express ? 
(that has less features than outlook, for example NO calendar as far as I 

Q13/ Are all the protocols, formats, file formats ... open and fully descibed 
(there is a law proposal that is supposed to get through very soon in Belgium 
that make it compulsory for public administration to use open format and 
protocols, that is formats and protocols that are 100 % described in public 
understandable document, for which a free implementation can be made, and 
that are deposited by a public institution)

Q14/ As an open-source system (you say nearly) is it easily extendible in 
Zope and Python ?

Q15/ Can it easily be linked with a LDAP directory service to provide the 
contacts coordinates ? (There is a ZOPE to LDAP system)

Q16/ Can the project management system be extended to provide PERT and GANTT 
chart ? 

Q17/ How can a standard flow for a process be described and checked : I mean 
a way to trace for a project that a standard acceptation process has been 
followed for example ?

Q18/ What about signatures and authentications of actions by specific people ?

Q19/ Could you do as much as possible to let me set up a demonstration ?

Q20/ Does the system run on Debian Potato ? THis is the server we run on, 
because we find debian management is the easiest and that tests are better 
done on Debian that on other systems (No wonder VA Linux has choosen Debain !)
We could use other if absolutely needed.

Q21/ What would you charge for such a system, how do you charge - by named 
user, by site, ... ?

Q22/ Would you or any English speaker be able to come to Brussels soon ?

Q23/ Would you be ready to cooperate with a local system integrator could 
would provide local help and support ?

I am asking that many questions because 
        1/ I find your system wonderful
        2/ I am in a hurry (the selection meeting was planned for Wednesday but is a 
little postponed )
        3/ I need to have a demonstration system as well as a qualification session 

Hoping to read you soon.

Best regards,

Nicolas Pettiaux

Nicolas Pettiaux
Avenue du Pérou 29
B-1000 Brussels

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