having searched through zope's website at the weekend and gone 
through the mailinglist archive I did not find stuff regarding 
the below in FAQs or HOWTOs. The general idea behind zope and 
the features of it are wonderful. 

I'm thinking of one application and would like to know:

Can you create fields in a zope based database where you force 
the fields to accept e.g. only letters "M" or "W" or any other 
other combination of your choice?

Can you setup database fields with a format e.g. of "99999/99/9" 
where all 9s mean numeric input 0-9 and the slashs are always 
put at their fixed positions by the software when the field is 
displayed for input?

Can you setup database fields with a date format e.g. DD/MM/YYYY 
or MM/YYYY which *force* the user to input values in that format?

Can you output queries of databases in a format you can choose 
yourself, that the output fields may be incorporated into 
serial letters to be run by/through text-processing or office 

Would be fine to get your responses.
I appreciate your feedback. 

Have a nice day

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