> > >    This is WRONG way of doing! Please stop it and don't do it 
> :) Meanwhile
> > > - where I can turn this off?
> >
> > It would be very nice, if we could set it somewhere in configuration.
> > Till now (Zope 2.2.x) I have to patch Zope (some *.dtml files, and even
> > some *.py files) in order to have proper Content-Type headers on my
> > management screens (specifically iso-8859-2).
>    Oh, NO! This should be handled in HTTP, not HTML! HTTP responce shold
> give correct Conten-Type header.
>    With Apache, it is easy to configure. But I certainly don't want to
> force all my editors to use one fixed encoding. This because some 
> of us use
> KOI8-R encoding (UNIX), and other use windows-1251 (gues the OS). This is
> at least browser/user preference, not a server-side option.
>    Russian Apache (specially patched version of Apache) correctly handles
> this on HTTP level...

FYI - I've taken out the charset declaration altogether for beta 3, 
since this is obviously an issue that needs more thought. Since 
Zope 2.4 will be the Python 2 (unicode) release, we should start 
a fishbowl project to work out how / whether Zope should deal with
charset issues for the 2.4 release...

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