On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Brian Lloyd wrote:
> FYI - I've taken out the charset declaration altogether for beta 3,


> since this is obviously an issue that needs more thought. Since

   Sure. Language/encoding issues are hard to implement, though. There are
servers, proxies, browsers - and almost none of them obey standards
correctly :(

> Zope 2.4 will be the Python 2 (unicode) release, we should start
> a fishbowl project to work out how / whether Zope should deal with
> charset issues for the 2.4 release...

   Hm, will you fix my browser, too? I am using Netscape for Linux, don't
know how well it plays with Unicode. I suppose it plays bad :(
   My only hope is to have Mozilla  at the time of Zope 2.4. Anyone here
knows how Mozilla handles Unicode?

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