I have done the requisite searches and cannot find any reference
to this problem. So it must be something I'm overlooking.

I want to search for properties that have a certain number in
them, that are stored as strings. Such as zipcode or date of
birth (there are reasons why we don't use a date object) or any
other sequence of digits.

I specified in the catalog that I wanted a Textfield index for
these. In the search form I specify the input with the :string
type. I would have assumed that these would work just like Last
Name and First Name work (which BTW work fine). But the numeric
strings never find a match even though the properties exist with
the data in them and the objects are registered in the catalog.

Example: (folderish ZClass object)
Ann Jackson with a DOB of 1960/01/01

I can find her with a* in the first_name
I can find her with j* in the last_name
I cannot find her with 1960* or for that matter 1960/01/01 in the

Any clues here?

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