I guessed it was something like this, so this leads me to two followup

1) I'd be happy to use the built-in title property assuming that it
   won't cause some kind of problem.  I just don't know how I can set
   that in instance objects since it doesn't appear on the property
   sheet.  Can I modify the addForm and add methods for the class to
   set it there?  Do I need to make a custom view?  What approach do
   most people take in this situation, using the built-in title or
   choosing a different name for a title-like property?

2) The tutorial in the Zope Developer's Guide instructs you to add a
   "title" property to CDClass
   I haven't actually run through the tutorial exactly, but I assume
   from my experience that this won't actually work.  Maybe this part
   of the guide should be changed to reflect this (as well as other
   sections that also use "title" as an example property).

Thanks for the responses!

"Loren Stafford" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> "title" is a "reserved" property; i.e. most objects automatically
> get a title property when you create them, but you are trying to add
> another property with the same name. Either use the "built-in" title
> property or use a different id for your title.
> -- Loren
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> Of Tim Moore
> Sent: Friday, January 19, 2001 14:59
> Subject: [Zope] ZClasses and "title" property
> Let me start by introducing myself...My name is Tim Moore and I'm
> new to the list and Zope in general.  I'm still figuring out how
> everything works, so forgive me if I'm missing something basic here
> :-)
> I'm creating several ZClasses for the site I'm working on.  In one
> of them I'd like to have a property called "title", but when I try
> to add it, I get the following error:
> Error Type: Bad Request
> Error Value: The id "title" is invalid--it is already in use.
> I'm confused, because this seems to happen even when I make a
> bare-bones minimal class, but a few of the examples I've found on
> the web site have ZClasses with title properties.
> I'm using version 2.3b1...is this a recent change in behavior or am
> I doing something wrong?  If this is a change, does this mean I have
> to use a different property name, or is there some other way I can
> edit this title property?

Tim Moore

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