Dear comrades in zopeness:

For some time now I have been struggling trying to get Zope to talk to 
Postgres.  I am now nearly successful and hope that the revolutionary
spirit of fellow zopatistas will carry the day.


Debian 2.1r2 on a PII 600 or so (the machine is pretty loaded)
Postgres 7.0.3
Python 1.5.2
PoPy 1.4.1
ZPoPyDA 0.7

The most recent vexation is simple:  after expanding
ZPoPyDA.0.7.tar.gz (dl'ed from, there is no
configure file and no Makefile.  Like many products, it just expands
out into lib/python/Products/ZPoPyDA/*.  However, the README file says
to run "./configure; make; make install".  In an acronym, WTF?

Bonus question:  I had a terrible time with installing PoPy itself
until I modified the makefile to have a second -I argument going back
to the source (.../postgres-7.0.3/src/include).  One or the other (the
source or the installed include, that is) would result in various
missing *.h files.  Did I install postgres incorrectly?  There was no
.../include/catalog directory at all in the installed directories,
which PoPy wanted.

I eagerly anticipate any clues, and thank everyone for their


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