the most recent versions of popy are currently hosted on sourceforge.

popy wants some includes which are not included in a normal source make
of popy. catalog/fe??h. i generally just copy them over from the source 
directory to the installation directory

also if anyone is curious popy seems to work fine against postgres7.1b3,
which includes massive improvements to postgres. no 8k row limits, outer 
joins, speed improvements, etc.



On Monday 22 January 2001 12:11, J B Bell wrote:
> Dear comrades in zopeness:
> For some time now I have been struggling trying to get Zope to talk to
> Postgres.  I am now nearly successful and hope that the revolutionary
> spirit of fellow zopatistas will carry the day.
> Background:
> Debian 2.1r2 on a PII 600 or so (the machine is pretty loaded)
> Postgres 7.0.3
> Python 1.5.2
> PoPy 1.4.1
> ZPoPyDA 0.7
> The most recent vexation is simple:  after expanding
> ZPoPyDA.0.7.tar.gz (dl'ed from, there is no
> configure file and no Makefile.  Like many products, it just expands
> out into lib/python/Products/ZPoPyDA/*.  However, the README file says
> to run "./configure; make; make install".  In an acronym, WTF?
> Bonus question:  I had a terrible time with installing PoPy itself
> until I modified the makefile to have a second -I argument going back
> to the source (.../postgres-7.0.3/src/include).  One or the other (the
> source or the installed include, that is) would result in various
> missing *.h files.  Did I install postgres incorrectly?  There was no
> .../include/catalog directory at all in the installed directories,
> which PoPy wanted.
> I eagerly anticipate any clues, and thank everyone for their
> attention.
> --JB
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