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> > hi,
> >
> > I'm kind of surprised that Active State has such a big promo on Zope.org's
> > site considering they use IIS; and considering the blurb talks about how
> > much they do for Open Source.
> We use IIS for many reasons, it's fast and we use some of products in
> conjunction with it. To suggest that using IIS is somehow "wrong" confuses
> me, Zope.org doesn't use ZServer.

Strictly speaking, not true -- the host your browser connects to is
a load-balancer, then an Apache instance;  Apache is proxying for
See http://www.zope.org/About for details.

Otherwise, I'd agree with the rest of your points.

> For me the flexibilty of using Zope any
> way we see fit is its greatest strength. We made a decision to serve
> "static" content using a simple fast server and dynamic content using Zope.
> Actually we have the main web site in Zope. Its the CMS for the main web
> site and only accessible internally. This allows multiple users to access
> and make changes, templating and so on. Since this content changes very
> rarely we use wget hack to move the information to the main web site to be
> served by IIS, since IIS can serve out many more pages per second that Zope
> can (because it is doing some much less). This is a "right product for the
> right job" decision.
> For the dynamic portions (mailing list arcive etc.) we use Zope and ZServer
> quite happily on the front end. One day we may move to having the whole site
> in Zope, who knows :).
> As mentioned we do a great deal for Open Source (ActivePerl, ActivePython,
> PyXPCOM, PPM and so on) to name a just a bit. ActiveState is one of the very
> few companies where we pay people to hack open source stuff all day. In the
> same way Guido works for DC and spends time on Python, we have many talented
> Python and Perl developers (David Ascher, Paul Prescod, Gurusamy Sarathy,
> Jan Dubois) who in put a great deal of Open Source work.

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