On 23 Jan 2001, at 14:17, Chris Withers wrote:

> Olivier Deckmyn wrote:
> > 
> > this is not what I need !!!
> > 
> > Yes : <dtml-var mydoc> displays the content of the document... But
> > I don't need this. The example I gave is a simplified pb of my
> > __real_world__ problem ... Just to show the interessting point !
> > 
> > My __real_world__ document has several properties, etc...
> > and a I have a lot of renderers (this explains that...)
> Have you considered that you might have simplified out the problem
> too much, so that the actual problem isn't present in your example?

Funny. I think he gave a good description of the problem. I've 
fallen into this trap too, when I started using Zope. I too consider 
the behaviour somewhat odd, and don't like the current state of 
affairs, where fiddling around with various partially implemented 
syntactic constructs gives quicker results than searching the 
documentation, or having a simple mental model of how it "is 
assumed to work".

Olivers mental model of how the evaluation of a dtml constructs 
obviously doesn't give him the right clues. IMHO, this isn't Olivers 
fault, but an indication that there is something wrong with dtml.

Btw, I believe that <dtml-var "render(mydoc)"> is the easiest way 
to express what he wants. But what do I know. :-}

Wolfgang Strobl

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