Hi there,
i sent an email the other week regarding problems i've been experiencing with zope and MySQL. I've set up a database connection for zope and mysql and it sort of works. I can send queries to add data to my database ok but when i send a query to get data from my database i get one of 3 errors and my python server that zope runs from stops. The errors i get are Python experienced an error in (either nothing,MYSQL.DLL or PYTHON15.DLL).
I am using Zope 2.2.2 on windows(this time i'd appreciate no sarcastic comments this time)
I've sent a few emails about this problem to various people (including to this address) and the response has been pretty poor, i've even tried to email people involved with the mysql database adaptors and got no response.
It is really important that i get this problem sorted now if possible as my final year project for university depends on this 'bug' getting fixed.
If you can give me help on this or point me in the direction of someone who can, i'd be grateful

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