I understand your comments about sarcasm, but realize that this community is riddled 
with Unix bigots and just ignore it. Just listen to those willing to help.

If you don't have to use MySQL, try either SQL Server or MS Access (small databases).
See my pages on Zope NT SQL at  http://techsite.tech-world.com/zopetips.htm for NT 
specific info.

I would also recommend NOT using Win9x for ANYTHING. I always use NT. 

Other than that, have you installed the Win32 python extensions? Not sure if these are 
required with mySQL as I haven't used it myself.


> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I am using Zope 2.2.2 on windows(this time i'd appreciate no sarcastic =
> > comments this time)
> Feel free to interpret every comment you don't like as "sarcastic", but it
> will not save your business.
> > to this address) and the response has been pretty poor, i've even tried
> > to email people involved with the mysql database adaptors and got no =
> > response.
> You use a commercial operating system: pay for a commercial support.
> > It is really important that i get this problem sorted now if possible as
> > my final year project for university depends on this 'bug' getting =
> > fixed.
> If it is important, do not run it on MS-Windows. Otherwise, some people
may think
> you know nothing about software...

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