Green things,

        I have a few methods poking about that just don't seem to make sense....

        A Z SQL Method ( Returner.sql.getDetails ) which simply contains:

SELECT * FROM Returner WHERE ReturnerID=<dtml-sqlvar User type="int">

        Which returns everything as expected.  The I have a Python Method which 
refers to it, simply wrapping it up, and taking the first (of what should be 
only one anyway) element.  It contains the following:
( Returner.getDetails(self, User) )

return self.sql.getDetails(User=User)[0]

        Now.. for some reason, the following throws complaints about not being able 
to find ANY of the fields in the row:

<dtml-with "Returner.getDetails(Returner, User=12)">
  <dtml-var fieldName>

Now, previously I've accessed my ZSQL Methods directly from DTML, but this 
time I was trying to abstract slightly, for various reasons...  But this 
bizarre behaviour has begun.  Can anyone explain what I'm missing?

Zope 2.2.5
ZMySQLDA 1.2.0
PythonMethods 0.1.7
Linux (RH 6.1 +)

Have a better one,
        Curtis Maloney

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