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> I would appreciate that HOWTO. :) I am going to need virtual hosting for
> a project I am undertaking and don't even know where to begin. Is
> VirtualHostMonster part of SiteAccess (which I have just discovered when
> I did a search on Do I need to use apache for it? Should I
> use apache rather than ZServer if I don't need any of apache's features?

If you genuinely don't need Apache, ZServer is certainly good enough.  Many
people (such as myself) use Apache for a cheap management/performance win
serving large utterly static content like images, for battle-tested SSL, and
for the ability to run other back-end servers or CGI in parallel.
VirtualHostMonster is a newish SiteAccess component that makes virtual
hosting easy for the most common cases, where Apache or some other thin
back-end is handling the incoming rewriting, and the rewriting consists of
host/port renaming and path insertion ( =>
http://localhost:8080/myhost).  In this case, all you need is one
VirtualHostMonster and a slight, easy change to your rewrite/proxy


Evan @ digicool & 4-am

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