Hi folks,

I think this has to do with acquisition. Here's my problem.

I've an image, say

Now, with Zope, if in a DTML document called
, I refer to it as  <img src="images/myimage.jpg"> it works
as expected.

However, if I have another DTML document called
which *also* refers to it as <img src="images/myimage.jpg">
the image appears there also. I don't want this to happen.
I would like this image to be broken as you would expect
in a normal, dumb webserver.

However, I don't want to turn off acquisition completely in all
the folders too (I don't know how to do that either).

Is there any thing we can do to test2.html which will not show
things like this?

FYI: This is for a content management application using Zope.
We use Zope to make our content, then make static pages
into file system to be served by IIS. All that works very nice.
But users often give wrong URL for their images in the content
and in the Zope DTML method (like test2.html) which does the preview,
these images appear all right and so they think it is going to be OK
in the static version too.  I'm using something like ZIE for editor,
so at least in that if we can disable acquisition, that would be neat.

Many thanks in advance

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