I encountered the same problem.  I soon realized that the ZPatterns that is
packaged with LoginManger is a version different to the one Dan Pierson
mentions in his article.  My resolution was to upgrade my ZPatterns to
version 0.4.3b2, recreate my LoginManager folder (i.e. delete the old
version and create a new one) and then follow the LoginManager set up
instructions.  To save time I copied my SQL methods to another folder so I
didn't have to recreate them.

I hope this helps.


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I've installed LoginManager exactly (AFAICT) according to
<>, and when I try to
access the protected folder I get the login form, but when I enter the
username and password into that form and submit it, I just get the
same form back again.  I've tested the SQL Methods invidividually and
they work fine.  I'm at a loss as to how to test the other components:
ZClass, DataSkin, etc.  I've tried running Zope with -D and -M, but
nothing in the few trace messages indicates any problem.

The username I inserted into the SQL database does not match any Zope
username in the (standard, top-level) acl_user folder for the site.
Does that matter?

I've spent several hours looking over the ZPatterns Wiki pages and the
various LoginManager web pages, and I'm starting to understand the
mechanism involved in LoginManager, but I don't understand it well
enough to know where I could put in a breakpoint that would help me
understand why login is not working.

So, could someone suggest what I could try next to diagnose this

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