> Inexplicably I purchased a Qube 2 to play around with but am
> wondering whether I should keep or dispose of it now.  I've
> left the shrinkwrap on while I decide. It was *cheap*!

It's a reliable little box. Plug it in and it will keep running. 
However. Lately it has become difficult to find RAM for it. You'll want 
128MB + to do anything interesting.

Zope will run on it. Performance would be approximately equivalent to a 
Pentium 133.  More than enough to saturate a 10Mb network, let alone a 
T1. So it makes for a very good Apache server.

However, it does not make a very good Zope server. It runs Zope well 
enough to support a small site or intranet. But if you got Slashdotted 
heavily, it might fall over. The more RAM you have the better.

> Is it possible to set up Zope +/- SSL on this box without
> having to purchase software modules from Cobaltnetworks?
> ( I have no Linux experience )

Well, if you have no Linux experience, and are intimidated by Linux, 
then don't touch it.

But if you put in a bit of effort, you'll find it worth the time.

The best SSL option would be buying the sw from Cobalt. You'll have to 
go to the command line to do it, though.

Moderate SSL use will kill the Qube, however.

If you want to use Zope heavily and do a lot of SSL, then get an Athlon 
or P3.

A P3-1000 is almost 15 X faster than the Qube2 when it comes to running 


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