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On Sun, Jan 28, 2001 at 08:14:18AM -0500, Ernesto Revilla wrote:
> Dear Developers of Zope,
> I'm trying to model an ERP system using ZClasses. As I have the model
> running under MS-Access, I know exactly how the model has to be. It's
> natural form is very, very object-oriented and requires inheritance.
> I made a simple example model using ZClasses, but the environment does
> not work how I did expect. Example:
> I have orders, delivery notes and invoices. Meanwhile the three are
> based on the same base ZClass (say OrdDelInv), orders and delivery notes
> are based also on a common ZClass (say OrdDel) based on OrdDelInv.
> Defining a General Property Sheet for each class, and designing the
> properties needed for each class, and defining a General view for the
> General Property Sheel in the base classes (OrdDel and OrdDelInv), not
> the bottom-level (Orders and Delivery Notes), the environment should me
> offer a 'General' View for each Order or Delivery Note I create.
> So, 
> 1. views are not inherited, from one base class to a sub class?
> 2. Property Sheets do not mix up the properties defined in each class of
> the class hierarchy, making able to edit them all in the same view?
> Best regards, Erny

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