On Monday 29 January 2001 10:19, Fred Yankowski wrote:
> I missed the original message, but I'm trying to do something similar
> -- use Python Methods rather than DTML -- and I found one critical
> difference just today.  Here's an example:
> I've got an SQL Method called 'select_item' that takes 'item_id' as
> its only input parameter.
> I've got a DTML Method 'form_action' that has 'item_id' in its
> namespace by virtue of being posted from an HTTP form.
> When I would invoke the SQL method from DTML I could do just
> <dtml-call select_item>
> and the SQL method would get the item_id from the DTML method.
> But when using a new 'action_script' Python Method (PythonMethod
> 0.1.7) I have to pass that item_id explicitly from the DTML
>    <dtml-call "action_script(item_id)">
> and action_script itself has to call the SQL method like so
>    self.select_item(item_id=item_id)
> I don't know why the explicit parameter passing is needed in the
> latter case (DTML to Python Method to SQL Method) but not in the
> former (DTML to SQL Method).  I'm sure I'm missing some trick.
> In fact, this aspect of Zope -- when values are passed explicitly and
> when not -- is a major confusion for me.  (And anyone who responds
> about "Zen" deserves to have the size 12 boot applied.)

The way it appears to work is this:
        DTML will pass it's namespace on implicitly.
        Python will not.

The exact details of what are passed are somewhat of a mystery, true.  
Rember, of course that <dtml-var "method_name()">  is a Python expression.  
As I understand it, the equivalent of:

<dtml-var method_name>

as a Python expression is:

<dtml-var "method_name(_.None, _)">

When it comes to Python scripts, yes, you must pass all parameters 
explicitly.  IMHO, this is a good thing in many cases, as it forces you to 
make sure you are passing the correct values.  But I can see how implied 
values could make life easier... oh well...

Have a better one,
        Curtis Maloney

P.S.  I'm now moving my application to Zope 2.3 in the vague hope that 
PythonScripts will handle this problem better.

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