> Are there any comments regarding the missing of a module named FCNTL.py
> ?
> It happens that I just built Zope 2.3 from source on a Python 1.5.2
> installation and after compiling and building successfully just after
> the "./start" command, Zope crases with a "no module named FCNTL" .

This is odd - it actually crashes? The only part of the code 
that tries to use FCNTL is in the __init__.py of ZServer:

    import fcntl, FCNTL
    def requestCloseOnExec(sock):
        try:    fcntl.fcntl(sock.fileno(), FCNTL.F_SETFD, FCNTL.FD_CLOEXEC)
        except: pass

except (ImportError, AttributeError):

    def requestCloseOnExec(sock):

...and it is specifically designed to fail gracefully if FCNTL 
support is not available. The fact that you are getting an 
error message of "no module named FCNTL" makes it _sound_ like 
an ImportError, which should be caught. Can you send me a copy 
of the whole traceback (maybe we are somehow getting something 
other than ImportError)?

> Just by the way, recommended  trustworthy ways to find out if the Python
> installation has been compiled with threads enabled -besides knowing
> that it is a plain vanilla RPM install and what that may or may not
> imply - ...?

Start python from the command line and try:

import thread

if you get an ImportError, threading is probably not compiled

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