I just installed Zope 2.3.0 and I'm planning how to port my sites from
2.2.5.  It looks like I'll have to:

+ Copy over the Products I installed, _except_
+ Don't copy over SiteAccess and PythonMethods.
+ Delete the PythonMethods product from the Control_Panel/Products
  management folder. 

Will I have to manually convert each existing Python Method to
a PythonScript, or are they essentially the same type?

I haven't been able to test what happens yet, because all my existing
Python Methods relate to LoginManager and I haven't been able to get
the LoginManager product to initialize correctly in 2.3.0.  I followed
the first two steps above and copied over my data.fs.  It comes up
cleanly except for an exception while loading the LoginManager and
some ZClass problems for ZClasses that depend on LoginManger.  The
exception is this:

2001-01-29T16:57:02 ERROR(200) Zope Couldn't import Products.LoginManager
Traceback (innermost last):
  File E:\PROGRA~1\Zope230\lib\python\OFS\Application.py, line 530, in
    (Object: string)
  File E:\PROGRA~1\Zope225\lib\python\Products\LoginManager\__init__.py, line 1, in ?
  File E:\PROGRA~1\Zope225\lib\python\Products\LoginManager\LoginManager.py, line 121, 
in ?
InstallError: No access file found at E:\Program Files\Zope230 - see INSTALL.txt

Can someone help me understand this?  The two INSTALL.txt files under
Zope230 offer no clues.  It's odd that the exception stack shows it
executing code from my older Zope225 installation.  How the heck can
that happen?  Is that some bug in Python?  There's nothing in my
environment that mentions Zope225, and I dumped sys.path late in z2.py
and it looks fine.

I tried deleting the LoginManager product from the management
interface and restarting, but the same exception occurs.

I do notice that, unlike prior Zope installs, there is no 'access'
file in the Zope root.

Oops, I just saw another message about LoginManager not yet working in
Zope 2.3.  If that's so, it's a show-stopper for me.

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