I've been porting my product from my own private session manager to use
CoreSessionTracking 0.6, and am having a problem with lots of conflict

I've got a session_id_mgr in the root, configured as per defaults, and a
session_data_mgr also in the root, using the RAM base container.

Then I have a simple DTML method:

<dtml-let session="session_data_mgr.getSessionData()">
<dtml-let title=title>
<dtml-call expr="session.set('title', title)">
<dtml-in expr="_.range(100)">
<dtml-in expr="_.range(100)">

If I goto this URL in a browser, it works fine, displaying "Test", with
no ConflictError in my debug listing.  Then I quickly press Refresh
twice in my browser.  This results in the page "Test", and a
ConflictError in my log  (as I expected).

After that, any request that uses the session data (even without a set)
results in a ConflictError:

<dtml-let session="session_data_mgr.getSessionData()">
Title: <dtml-var expr="session.get('title')">

Any ideas why this is happening?

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