> > I've just been experimenting with the RAM Cache manager, and FWIW I thought
> > I'd share my findings:
> > There was no significant improvement where there were no concurrent
> > requests. 
> very cool. although i find the lack of improvement on a non concurrent 
> requests a bit strange if its a the dtml is doing real computation vs. 
> serving a string from memory.

so do I :)

the dtml only iterates over some objects.  each object has a method
which checks the authenticated user and serves up content
accordingly.  in the test case the user is served the default view of
the object, so there's not really all that much logic going on.
perhaps this is why non concurrent, cached requests showed only a
1.3% speed improvement over uncached requests.  anyone?

> > Not exactly a real-life usage scenario, but it sounds impressive :)  Not
> > sure I understand what the cache keys are for though... is there any more
> > documentation forthcoming on this?
> so you can cache requests based on dynamic input. 
> useful for authentication to present different cache pages to different 
> users, and also to present common request dependent information from cache.

I already read this in the online help, but for some reason my brain
only chose to understand it just now ;)
> as for real documentation, use the source luke

hmm, just had a quick 20 minute poke around, and I get the gist, but
I'd be happier if some obi-wan could guide me with the api docs
promised in the fishtank proposal


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