Hmmm, as far as the ZCatalog part; I know that at some point it was only
working iwth 7 bit ascii characters, then someone put a patch in so that it
supported Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1) in the vocabularies...  I don't know when (or
if) that was ever integrated into the zope core, but I'm sure that if you
search for Latin-1 you should find it...


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I have to deal with documents and its attributes wich have a lot of extended
characters in them, like the "ñ" or the hyphened "á"..."ú" vocals in

The ones who download the pages in Windows don't have any trouble. The ones
use Mac  will see strange characters, as it might be expected. Updating a
or propertie from a Mac will cause the same problem for Windows users,
Zope doesn't convert the extended characters to the web-friendly format when
properties are added.

I'd also like to search in Zcatalog using these extended characters, ie.
"Effects of El Niño", from any platform. Is there a workaround for this


p.d  I'm sure that european Zopists have already faced  this problem and
probably found a solution. Unfortunately I couldn't find it at the archives.

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