Tha's clear Zope is really interesting for my web application but I have a 
small issue concering java.  My customer is using Java (mainly servlet & 
EJB). It is a well know question on your mailing lists but I want to be sure 
to understand everything.

So, can you confirm or give some feedbacks on the following questions :

1. Is it possible to add a servlet in my Zope server. By this way, I have 
the strong features like security defined in Zope and it is not necessary to 
rewrite the code defined in this servlet.

2. If I understand, I can write my business logic in python. From this 
python code, I can used a java package (thanks to jython). So I can call an 
EJB method from a zope object. Is it correct ?

This kind of integration is much interesting for my customer than  rewrite 
all in python. In fact, his idea is using Zope for the content management 
and EJB for the business logic. All comments are welcome on that.

Many thanks in advance

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