Hi, folks--

I'm trying to set up a Zope-based intranet web site for my company, but
there's a very puzzling performance issue. Basically, any attempt to
connect to the server from another machine on the local network is
really, really slow: for example, I just visited the default home page
(the "Welcome to Zope" page that comes w/ the installation), and it took
25 seconds to load. More complex pages can take over a minute. I don't
think Zope itself is running slowly, because if I log onto the server
and access the site locally, it pops right up. I'm also running IIS on
the same machine, and have no trouble accessing the IIS website from
various hosts (I did make sure they weren't trying to use the same port
-- Zope is on 8080, IIS is on 9680).

Here's some info about the environment:

Server Platform:
OS: Windows 2000 Professional w/ Service Pack 1
        (installed w/ Norton Ghost)
Hardware: Celeron 600 Mhz, 160MB RAM
Quirks: I added PyXML and ReportLab to <zope_dir>\lib\python. I also
added an external
        path with some other python packages to sys.path in z2.py.
        There is a separate Python 1.5.2 installation on the machine.

Type: Ethernet 10-base-T, single subnet
Router: FlowPoint DSL
OSs: Mainly Windows 2000, with one Solaris box and a small but varying
number of Linux,
        NT 4.0, and Win98 boxes.
Domain Controllers (2): Windows 2000 Server running in mixed mode

By the way, we have frequent performance problems with the network, but
nothing nearly as severe as this. We suspect that not having enuf client
licenses for Win2k Server may be part of the problem, but I don't see
why that would affect Zope, especially since IIS seems to be fine.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you may have.
Matt Gushee

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